What should I do after I’ve been involved in an accident?


You probably have a lot of questions about what to do after being involved in a collision.  These are some of the common questions people have about what to do next after being involved in a collision.  If you still have any questions that aren’t answered here on our FAQ page, give us a call and we can answer them over the phone and help guide you through the process.

Should I make a insurance claim or pay out of pocket?

Some people prefer not to make a claim on their insurance to keep their policies from going up.  This can be a good decision if the damage is less than or close to your deductible amount.  You can always cancel your claim without causing any penalties on your policy even after you report the collision to your insurance company.  If you are unsure what you are going to do you may want to setup a claim and then bring it to us for an estimate before you make your final decision.  We can go over the damage with you and help you determine if you want to use your insurance or pay out of pocket.  You don’t have to have an insurance claim started or an appointment for us to write you an estimate, but if you are planning to have us fix your car it will help prevent any delays.

How do I get my insurance claim started?

If you plan to use your insurance the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company to report your accident.  Let them know that you have selected us, Crazy Color, to have your vehicle repaired.  From there we will work directly with your insurance company to finish the process.  We are a direct repair facility for many insurance companies, and we can perform repairs for ANY insurance company.  Keep in mind that it is YOUR decision where you want your vehicle repaired, and Crazy Color guarantees our work as long as you own your vehicle.

Should I get my vehicle towed or can I drive it to you?

This depends on the extent of the damage to your vehicle.  If ANY fluids leaked out after the collision you should get it towed in.  If you notice any noises or if something doesn’t feel right, you should probably get it towed in.  Inspect the damage area of the vehicle.  Look for any leaking fluids, check to make sure that nothing has been pushed in the way of your tires or suspension, make sure the wheels & tires don’t have any obvious damage.  It should be fairly easy to determine if the vehicle is drive able or not.  Another thing to consider, even if the vehicle is mechanically sound you need to make sure all of the lights function and the bumpers are still in place.  All though it may be perfectly drive able it may not pass a Utah safety inspection which means you could risk getting a traffic violation for driving without proper safety equipment.  Most insurance policies include towing, so don’t stress too much just give us a call if you are unsure and we can answer your questions and or arrange a tow for you.

What about a rental car?

We work directly with rental car agencies who will bring your rental car directly to our shop for your convenience.  Give us a call prior to dropping off your vehicle so that we can make arrangements to schedule you a rental car.  Doing so will ensure that we have a rental car available for you at the time of your appointment so you don’t have to wait.  If you don’t have rental coverage we can get you a ride home when you drop off your vehicle as well as bring you back once repairs are complete.  Not all insurance policies include rental coverage, if you are unsure check with your insurance agent when you report your claim.

Will my vehicle be as good as it was before the accident?

We pride ourselves is the quality of our work.  We will restore your vehicle to factory specifications.  Our expert technicians can match your color and make your vehicle look as good or better than before the accident.  We use laser guided frame straitening techniques updated with all the latest factory specifications.  We use the latest paint technologies in the industry, and have the ability to mix and match paint on site.  We have state of the art computerized paint matching techniques and we use a down draft paint booth with the ability to bake the finish on your vehicle to ensure its durability and quality.  Our expert technicians are all I-Car certified.

How long will you have my vehicle after I drop it off?

This all depends on the extent of the damage to your vehicle.  We want to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.  If it is just a light accident with a single panel repair, we will typically have it back to you the same week.  If there is a lot of damage with suspension repairs it will take longer, sometimes up to a couple weeks.  Other factors that can affect repair time are parts availability and hidden damage.  Sometimes parts can go on backorder, or just take several days to ship in.  When we write your estimate we do it as thorough as we can, but sometimes there is damage that cannot be seen until you tear the vehicle down.  We will give you an expected delivery time when we write your estimate.  Anytime we find hidden damage or have parts delays we will inform you of these things as we discover them to keep you up to date of any changes to our original estimated delivery date.

Are you going to put used or aftermarket parts on my car?

If your vehicle is more than a couple years old, chances are the insurance company will bid aftermarket, reconditioned or used parts.  The good news is that we have great relationships with our parts vendors and we always check with them first to see if they can match the prices.  Most of our OEM parts vendors have manufacture backed price matching programs that allow them to match aftermarket and reconditioned prices.  This varies from each manufacture, not all of them have matching programs but a lot of them do.  If there is a way for us to use an OEM part instead, we will find it for you!  We would prefer to use OEM on everything, but it all comes down to your insurance policy and what they will pay.  Regardless of what type of part we use, we stand behind our work.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our work for as long as you own your vehicle.  Some insurance companies will tell you that the work is only guaranteed if you take it to a shop of their choice.  The good news for you is that we will stand behind our work no matter which insurance company you have.  Most insurance policies will guarantee the repairs as well, but rest assured that no matter what your policy is we have our own.